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      Sleeper Sofas

      At first glance, you would never know these stylish sofas are designed to pull double duty as convertible sleepers. Thanks to their gorgeous upholstery, plush cushions, and reinforced frames, these modern fold out couches can easily serve as the main seating space in your living room. But for guest visits and get-togethers that stretch late into the night, they can quickly assist with a pull out mattress that feels as comfortable as any hotel bed.

      Most full and queen size pull out sleeper sofas can accommodate two people (and perhaps a dog or two) in a comfortable manner — and things get even more luxurious when you realize these sleeper sofas come with a memory foam mattress. This extra level of convertible comfort is perfect for long-term guests, and saves them from stiff and uneven alternatives like air mattresses (or trying to curl up on a loveseat!). We suggest pairing your sleeper sofa with a nice accent table that’s low enough to serve as a bedside stand when the mattress is pulled out.